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Septic Tank 5000L

Manufactured with high grade plastics
Engineered to withstand underground pressure
Strong enough to prevent penetration from roots
Child Safety Lid
For human sewage waste only
3 year Warranty
Follow the installation guide provided
Supplied with fittings and breather



Product Type: 5000lt Septic Tank

Size: 5000l

Product code: 5000S

Product Use: Containment of Sewage Waste

Suitable for: 1 – 20 people

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Fittings: Elbow – Breather – T-Piece – Connecting pipe

Delivery: Free Nationwide -Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.


Warranty: 3 – Years

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect installation of the tank
Installation Guideline supplied with tank

Length: 2500mm

Width: 2200mm

Height: 1480mm

Weight: 225kg

Inlet: 110mm

Outlet: 110mm

Lid Size: 450mm


Manufactured with high grade Plastics
Engineered to be placed Underground
Keeps out Roots and rodents
Extra Thickness & Durbility
For the storage & processing of Human and animal waste
Biodegration process occures
Heavyest weights in the industry
Designed to last and to outperform Industry standards


Installation guide supplied with all tanks to assist with your Step-by Step installation
Starter Tablets & French Drains can be purchased at added cost
Ground Should be tested for ground water or clay soils to adjust installation
Guidelines accordingly
For storage of underground water please refer to Underground Tanks
Water storage Tanks
Not to be placed where vehicles can drive over
Videos of installation and guidelines available via links on our website
For more Technical advice please refer to your local branch

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