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Nanopure 30 x 1,25g Tablets

Nanopure 30 x 1 25g Tablets Tablets Code – TabletDIS6L

Nanopure 30 x 1 25g Tablets tablets making storage water safe to drink with in 30 minutes.
1 x 1,25g tablet makes a 2,5 to 4pppm per 25l when mixed with water
Tablets dissolve in 2 mins
Thirty minute wait time to kill pathogens in the water
Nanopure is safe for human consumption
Approved by : WHO/Unicef/EPA
Each tablet contains : Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(NaDCC)
Quantum Nanosilver@ 0,008%(AgNP)
Each tablet contains : Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate(NaDCC) 10000l = 10x 6g tablets
Quantum Nanosilver@ 0,008%(AgNP)



Nanopure 30 x 1,25g Tablets Warning- First Aid 

The container is sealed with an inner seal for your protection. Keep in cool dry place away from Children and keep container closed. Keep away from sources of ignition. Nanopure 30 x 1 25g Tablets has bleaching properties. For your own safety rinse your hands well after use. Avoid direct eye contact, in case of contact flush eye out with water, seek medical treatment if necessary.
x Container Nanopure 30 x 1,25g Tablets

Safe Drinking water Storage Ratio to Tablets:

1000l = 1 x 6g tablet
2000l = 2 x 6g tablets
3000l = 3 x 6g tablets
4000l = 4 x 6g tablets
5000l = 5 x 6g tablets
10000l = 10x 6g tablets

More Water Purifying Tables Available:

Nanopure 40 x 6g
Nanopure 30 x 3,25g
Nanopure 120 x 6g

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