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Industrial Recycle Units

Highly durable rotational moulded Polyethylene
10 Year Warranty
Free Delivery
Easy to clean and maintain
Ideal for School’s or community Projects
Four individual internal bins
Easy access, front and back for depositing recycle objects
Available in 4 colours – Paper – Cans – Glass – Plastic
Price is per single unit with 4 x internal bins



Product Type: Recycle Bins Large

Size: 360l x 4 total 1440l

Product code: Recycle Hut with 4 x internal bins

Product Use: Collection Point for Recycle Waste

Color: Blue – Red – Green – Yellow

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Eco Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint

Guarantee: 10 Years

Delivery: Free Nationwide -Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.

Warranty: 10 – Year

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect use of the Unit

Height: 1900mm

Width: 1600mm

Weight: 150kg

Delivery: Free Delivery Nation Wide



Manufactured with the best food grade
LLDPE Virgin Plastic
Suitable for Domestic and Commercial use
Registered with Armsa, Master Builders
& Plastic Convertors Association
Units do not require folk lift to empty, the four separate internal bins can be moved manually
Extremely Strong and durable, will not rust, rot or perish in the harsh South African weather
Unit will not blow over in windy conditions due to unique design & weight of plastics
Internal lock for security

Color coded for easy use
Red – Cans
Green – Glass
Blue- Paper
Yellow – Plastic


Suitable for above ground level only
Designed for Stationary Purpose only

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