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Dishwashing Liquid

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Breakthrough bio-enzyme dish washing liquid which treats fat traps and septic systems, while ridding building plumbing pipes of organic build ups for huge cost savings. Eliminates odours from drains and dish cloths, while leaving dishes sparkling clean.



Dishwashing Liquid

Dish Gobbler™ is a breakthrough concept for the humble dishwashing liquid. State of the art bio-enzyme technology solves a multitude of problems faced by building owners the world over. In 2009 Ecozyme conclusively proved the massive cost savings and numerous benefits of its proprietary bio-enzyme daily cleaning technology at 2500 buildings nationwide. Now with our proprietary fat digesting bio-enzyme technology garnered from years of grease elimination experience in fat trap and plumbing applications, the ubiquitous task of washing dishes now results in amazing new benefits to property owners and the environment!
Product Description:
Dish Gobbler™ is a very powerful blend of eco-friendly bio-enzyme grease cutting agents with a neutral PH that is soft on the skin. With the awesome power of bio-enzymes, you get the very cleanest dishes and cutlery on even the toughest food stains. Through Competitive Exclusion, Dish Gobbler™ keeps dishes clean and free of harmful pathogens for days after washing!

Highly Economical:

Ecozyme Dish Gobbler™ is extremely concentrated, and just a tiny amount cleans an entire sink full of soiled dishes and cutlery. It contains highly advanced foaming agents which remain stable and do not break as the grease loading of plates and cutlery is increased.

Keeping your septic tank system healthy and functional.

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