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Diesel/Chemical 500l Vertical Medium Duty Tank

Manufactured from food grade LLDPE plastics
Engineered at the highest standards for Durability and Strength
For Stationary Purpose Only
10 Year Warranty
Supplied with Outlet Fitting at Base



Product Type: Diesel/Chemical 500l Vertical Medium Duty Tank

Size: 500l

Product code: V500M

Product Use: Diesel or Chemicals Medium Duty tank storage

Color: Yellow

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Eco friendly: UV – Resistant

Fittings: Supplied with 40mm Red RotoTank™ connectors

Specific Gravity: 1.4 SG

Delivery: Free Nationwide – Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.


Warranty: 10 – Year

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect installation of the tank

Diameter: 840mm

Height: 1070mm

Weight: 15kg

Inlet: 40mm Top Red RotoTank™ fitting

Outlet: 40mm Base Red RotoTank™ fitting

Lid Size: 430mm



Manufactured with the best food grade LLDPE Virgin Plastic
Sturdy Ribs for Added strength & Durability
Suitable for Domestic and Commercial use
Agricultural approved for use with livestock
Heavy Weights of the industry
Strong Sealed tank connectors as standard

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All tanks should be installed as per our recommendations
Check your area for installation – that you have sufficient height and diameter
Tank Stands are available at an extra cost
Tanks should be secured in place once full
Suitable for above ground level only
Tanks designed for Stationary Purpose only
Trained technicians for back up service and advice available


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