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Code: Descaler

Extremely powerful and fully biodegradable eco-friendly descalant and deep cleaning chemical formulated with natural oils for removing body fats, lime scale, dirt, rust and much more. Controls odours and pathogens while imparting a long lasting, powerful fresh fragrance.

Aqua (Water), Phosphoric Acid  < 15%, Anionic surfactants, Non-Ionic surfactants, Parfum (fragrance) Dye CI 20285




Descaler Product Description:

Ecozyme Scale Gobbler™ is a non-toxic, non-volatile formulation for the effective deep cleaning and descaling of neglected environments, while slicing though and removing dirt deposits, lime scale and rust with total ease. It is exceptional for cleaning and brightening stainless steel, aluminium and copper equipment. It is exceptionally versatile while remaining cost highly effective.

Washroom Deep Cleaning:

Scale Gobbler™ is amazing for deep cleaning all washrooms, especially high traffic environments like mines. It slices through body fats and hard water build-ups with ease while leaving a visually shiny and clean surface. Simply apply with a pressurized sprayer, starting at the top of the walls, evenly coating all surfaces including toilets, basins and urinals. Allow a 10 minute contact period. Manually scrub sprayed surfaces down to loosen embedded soils. Rinse thoroughly with a high pressure water sprayer. To prevent cross contamination do not wipe surfaces down, rather allow natural drying. Perform swab tests if required.

Concrete / Masonry Surfaces:

Scale Gobbler™ is a fast acting, easy to use acid-base cleaner for pre-cast concrete, concrete, masonry, grout, tile and natural stone surfaces. Scale Gobbler™ removes cement grout haze and mortar residue, joint cement, lime and hard water, deposits, efflorescence, rust and other dirt and grime. It’s suitable for interior and exterior use. The unique nature of Scale Gobbler™ means it’s a milder alternative to other harsh acid base cleaners for concrete, tile, grout and natural stone surfaces. Works superbly for pre-cast concrete pavers, concrete, masonry, sanded grout, cleft & honed slate, flamed &
honed limestone, unglazed ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, swimming pool slides and tiles at water surfaces.

Catering Industry:

Calcium and lime scale deposits form a huge challenge in cleaning bain-maries, kettles, and dishwashers. Use Scale Gobbler™ at a 1% to 5% dilution depending on soiling to remove quickly and easily.

Stainless Steel:

While stainless steel is great at resisting corrosion, it’s unfortunately not fully stain or rust-proof. Exposure for example to high salinity environments can remove the native protective layer of chromium oxide and allow oxidation/corrosion to occur at the substrate. Scale Gobbler™ very effectively removes the surface rust, without impacting the stainless steel substrate. It dissolves the rust (iron oxide) without attacking the other components of the stainless steel (chromium and chromium oxide, nickel, and iron).

Descaler Rust Removal:

Scale Gobbler™ is superb at removing rust. It uniquely dissolves rust quickly while etching iron very slowly. One can leave metals in Scale Gobbler™ for much longer than competing technologies. A unique advantage of Scale Gobbler is that it leaves a fine coating of iron phosphate behind, which temporarily prevents rust. Scale Gobbler™ leaves a bright metal finish which is visually appealing, while being perfect for painting afterwards. It’s also great for panel beaters as a wash to treat surfaces before painting as it removes waxes, oils, and slight amounts of rust that form between sand blasting and painting, while leaving a thin protective coating behind.

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