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Combo Horizontal 2300L Diesel Tank with Stand

Manufactured with high grade LLDPE plastics
Engineered at the highest standards for Durability and Strength
3 Year Warranty
Supplied with Outlet Fitting at Base
Heavy weights of the industry
Baffle balls or tube can be purchased separately to prevent movement of transported liquid
Does Not Include Installation



Product Type: Horizontal 2300lt Diesel/Chemical tank

Size: 2300L

Product code: H230BFT

Product Use: Diesel / Chemical Storage

Color: Yellow

Material: LLDPE-Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Eco friendly: UV – Resistant

Fittings: Breather 80mm, 15mm – 20mm Copper fittings x 2

Delivery: Free Nationwide -Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.

It is the client’s responsibility to arrange the placement of the tank to the desired position.

Warranty: 3 – Year

Warranty exceptions: Incorrect installation of the tank

Length: 2350mm

Height: 1100mm

Width: 3100mm

Total Width with Stand: 1650mm center base plate to base plate

Weight: 110kg



Manufactured with the best food grade LLDPE Virgin Plastic
UV Resistant and BPA -Free
Sturdy ribs for added strength & durability
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
Black inner liner – prevents algae growth
Registered with Armsa, Master Builders & Plastic Convertors Association
Heavy weights of the industry
Strong sealed tank connectors as standard


Tanks should be secured in place once full
Suitable for above ground level only
Tanks designed for transport and stationary purposes
Trained technicians for back up service and advice available
Baffle Balls or Tube can be Purchased separately


Manufactured with high grade steel
Base Plates:  200x200x 4mm flat plate
Legs:  50x50x6mm Angle Iron
Horizontal Base:  50x50x3mm Angle Iron
Leg support:  40x40x5mm Angle Iron
Cross Bracing:  30x6mm Flat Bar
Curved Mountings:  80x6mm Flat Bar
Bolts:  M12 x 30 Galvanised
Primmed with rust prevention.

Height: 2500mm
Length: Center base plate to center base plate 1700mm
Width: Center base plate to center base plate 1650mm

Hose Kit

Hose kit includes:
Hose compatible for Diesel use
Handle- Nozzle
Shut off valve

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