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Baffle Tubes for Transport Tanks

Manufactured with high grade LLDPE plastics.
Engineered at the highest standards for Durability and Strength
To assist with the Transport of Liquids
Slows the progressive movement of liquids
Engineered to increase safety standards



Product Type: Baffle Tube

Code: baffle tube

Baffle Tubes for liquid transport and storage tanks. They are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes involving liquid movement.

1. Fluid Flow Control: Baffle tubes can be strategically placed inside your RotoTank™ Transport tank to regulate the flow of liquids. By creating obstructions, it redirects the flow, reduces turbulence, and prevents splashing or surging, ensuring a more controlled and steady flow rate.
2. Prevention of Sloshing: In transportation tanks with a baffle tube reduce the movement and sloshing of liquids during transportation. By limiting the liquid’s free surface area, it minimizes the potential for liquid surge and maintain stability.


For tanks 2500l upwards.

Delivery: Free Nationwide -Delivery is free of charge to the nearest entry point on the property.



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