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Plastic Tanks For Water and Chemical Use

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]From back fields and storage areas to the roads of South Africa, RotoTank supplies vertical and horizontal tanks for the storage and transport of water and chemicals.

The Polyethylene (cost efficient) water tanks are molded and manufactured according to strict regulations and guidelines. The impact resistant and non corrosive, single piece chemical and water tanks boast seamless lining construction. This allows the storage tanks to be used for industrial chemicals.

Plastic chemical and water tanks used for storage or transport in most cases, replace fiberglass or metal tanks. This makes these plastic tanks the ideal solution for storage and transport of all liquids except for diesel and petrol.

The most popular plastic chemical and water tanks are the horizontal and vertical shapes although RotoTank prides itself on the fact that they are able to produce very large or unusual shaped tanks too. High gloss colours and decorative details can easily be achieved on any chemical or water tank through RotoTank.

The versatility of RotoTank’s plastic tanks, allows for use above and below ground level. Due to the fact that chemical and water tanks are designed to be used as transport tanks too, companies can save money and time, as water or chemicals do not need to be transferred between storage tanks and transport tanks.

Plastic chemical and water tanks are designed to fit onto pick- up trucks, vans, agricultural trailers and flat bed trailers.

There are a few important things to remember when using plastic storage and transport tanks.

  • Place tank on solid, flat surface
  • Avoid using steel pipes
  • Use plastic inlet, over flow and outlet pipes
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