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Largest water tanks for sale

It has become critical for SA to preserve current water supplies through recycling household water and the proactive harvesting of rain water by means of poly water storage tank solutions.

El Niño along with growing urbanisation placing greater demands on cities infrastructure, water and sanitation, the need for alternative water source solutions has become synonymous with the current water crisis in SA.

While El Niño does not produce a permanent change to weather conditions, it is responsible for climate changes that bring about unusual conditions that are predicted to occur more frequently, for longer periods of time and with a greater impact.

While there are various ways to capture and redistribute natural and used household water, one of the most effective methods to capture and repurpose rain water and recycled household water is with a vertical, horizontal or underground poly water storage tank.

Water tanks for sale are available for use by farmers, domestic households or industrial establishments. Roto Tank offers an effective solution for the harvesting of rain water and storage of additional water supplies.

4 Things to consider when buying a poly water storage tank:

  1. Durability of materials used to manufacture water tanks
  2. UV protection guarantees
  3. Preventative measures applied to inhibit algae growth for water intended for consumption
  4. Tank dimensions and capacity

Roto Tank’s vertical water storage solutions offer a variety of sizes, dimensions and capacity, ranging from:

  • 500 to 6000 litre capacity – entry level options
  • 10 000 to 20 000 Litre capacity – intermediate solutions
  • 27 000 to 40 000 Litre capacity – bulk storage solutions

Produced on demand and not by mass results in superior quality water harvesting solutions, custom engineered to support an active approach to the efficient capture and repurpose of rain and domestic water. Roto Tank water storage solutions cater for bulk harvesting needs for the likes of industrial or farming requirements, producing South Africa’s largest water storage tank with a capacity of 40 000 litres.

40 000 litres of water put into context:

  • 40 000 litres will fill the average size of a domestic swimming pool
  • With 40 000 litres of harvested water you could run an average size garden irrigation system for around 2 hours per day for 20 days of the month
  • 40 000 litres of water can cost up to R1000 depending on location

A household of 2 people will see the use of about 300 litres of water per day. Of this water, the following sources of domestically used water can be recycled using a water tank (not for consumption).

  • Water used during a shower can range from 7 to 15 litres per minute
  • Bath water consumed can range between 80 to 140 litres per bath
  • Dishwashers consume between 18 and 60 litres of water
  • Washing Machines consume between 60 and 150 litres of water
  • Sprinkler systems consume on average 1000 litres per hour
  • Washing 1 car with the hosepipe will use around 200 litres
  • A dripping tap will waste up to 150 litres of water per day
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