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Koi Ponds; Easy To Install And Even Easier To Admire

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Koi ponds are not only for those who have a fascination with the Carp family. In fact as in integrated part of any garden they provide home owners with a tranquil and attractive feature that stands to be admired throughout the year.

Although many people may think that koi ponds serve only an aesthetical function, they do benefit a garden and the home owner in various ways.

  • Increase resale value of the property
  • Save on water costs (where you would otherwise have grass or plants)
  • Naturally filters chemical runoff that would damage grass and plants

Incorporated with stone walkways or pebble paths, koi ponds offer an interactive design and an appealing landscape layout for any garden. There are no limits to how a koi pond should be designed or what ornamental features can be added. Whether it’s a fountain, a variety of plants or fishes, the refreshing feature is certainly something to be admired.

How do I install my plastic koi pond?

  • Place pond upside down on grass to outline general shape (hole needs to be several centimeters larger. Keep paint off the koi pond)
  • Begin digging from the outside, inwards (dig a few centimeters deeper than required)
  • Smooth out the bottom of the hole (free of sharp rocks, stones)
  • Fill hole with 6cm dry sand
  • Lower the liner
  • Ensure it is comfortable
  • Fill sides with sand or soil until firmly in place
  • Fill koi pond liner with water
  • Place soil under marginal shelves with hands

Plastic koi ponds are simple to install but offer an endless array of options when it comes to decorating and ensuring that it fits in with the garden. Being a permanent garden feature, koi ponds offer strength and resilience.

  • Heavy duty, industrial plastic
  • Crack resistant
  • Algae resistant
  • Low maintenance

Koi ponds compliment the beauty of any garden and allow home owners to enjoy nature in the comfort of their city home.

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