rototank, pump cover

Pump Covers

RotoTank™ design team have created the pump cover so you can fit pumps from 0.37kw up to 1.1 kw, one size fits all. When installing your plumber will position your pump as close to your tank as possible, from there you can simply cut the angles you need and allow your pipes and cables to go in the directions you require.

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rototank products and road barricades

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers within the workplace can be useful to reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident. They are structures that are designed to prevent entry into a potentially dangerous area, or areas that are a potential hazard. Foremost, they are used to mitigate risks.

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RotoTank ™, First Flush system, harvesting water

First Flush System

What is a RotoTank ™ First flush?
Essentially it is a system designed to divert debris from your roof so it can settle in a container, and only clean water can flow into your rainwater harvesting tank, as the debris settles it collects at the base of the system and can be flushed away.

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RotoTank, Compost Bin, composter


Compost can be made in as little as six to eight weeks, or, more usually, it can take a year or more. In general, the more effort you put in, the quicker you will get compost. When the ingredients you have put in your RotoTank™ composter have turned into a deep brown, earthy smelling material, the composting process is complete.

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