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Aquaculture or Fish farming has a large following in South Africa. The South African Government is involved, issuing grants to individuals and organizations that put forward working plans and have completed training etc.


So why did RotoTank™ get involved with fish farming?
Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks. Farmed fish for subsistence food has become popular in recent years as more people seek to provide a healthy source of protein. Fish farming can be done on a small scale in ponds, pools, or more recently designed fish tanks. RotoTank™ took note of this growing industry and started to produce affordable minimal maintenance tanks, which suit the startup farmer as well as the larger established farmers.

RotoTank, Fish Breeding Pond 1200lt

RotoTank™ looked at the several types of fish involved as well as the distinct types of farming systems. Worldwide, the most important fish species produced in fish farming are carp, catfish, salmon, and tilapia

Types of fish farming systems are there:

Completely closed system that is called integrated recycling system.
Flow-through/raceway that is called semi-closed system.
Open system that is called floating cage system.
How do I start a fish farming in a RotoTank™ tank?

To start a simple home-based fish farm, you will need the following:

·        Decide on the space you have available

·        Choose the correct size tanks, RotoTank™ has 1500l &2200l

·        Choose water from a reliable source

·        Your municipal supply water would be fine

·        Pumps and filters

·        Heating system

·        Air rating pump

·        Get your juvenile fish

·        Fish feed


Which fish is easiest to farm in a RotoTank™ fish breeding tank?
Nile tilapia are the best species for backyard fish farming or Catfish. Exceptional taste and hardy resistance to disease and parasites make catfish another excellent choice for beginning fish farmers. Catfish grow quickly.


Fish Farming with RotoTank 2500l Tanks


Why is water Temperature so important with RotoTank ™ Fish Breeding tanks?

If you cannot keep the water temperature at a constant twenty-two°C to twenty-five°C, day, and night for 365 days per year, you’re not going to see substantial growth in your fish, you should invest in a water heating system (electrical or solar), to achieve optimum water temperatures throughout the year.

RotoTank™ recommends Pumps and Filtration System for a fish breeding pond as follows

You will require a powerful water pump that will turn the volume of water in your tank at least once per hour; it would be best to have a centrifugal self-priming pump, though some submersible pumps will also do the job.

Every aquaculture system requires two types of filters

  • Mechanical Filter (Solid Separator)
  • Bio Filter

Bio Filters is the most important, as without them the ammonia generated by the fish would reach extremely high levels that would eventually kill them.

Why do you need Aeration in your RotoTank™ fish breeding tank?

You will need an Air pump and some air stones or air hoses to supply enough dissolved oxygen to the fish tank. Tilapia requires at least 6mg/l of Dissolved Oxygen. As you become more involved it is advisable to measure the dissolved oxygen levels on a regular basis. To ensure your fish health.

RotoTank™ Fish Farming clean water solutions


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